Vicam 7th Anniversary Activity

In order to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the company's establishment,Shenzhen Vicam Mechatronics Co., Ltd. organized all the staff to go to zhuhai, Macao for a two-day tour from October 27 to 28, 2019.


The first stop of this tour is Macao.Macao, located south of the tropic of cancer, has a history of more than 400 years. Eastern and western cultures have always blended here.Macao is a unique city with ancient temples, solemn and solemn cathedral, historical and cultural heritage, and beautiful coastal scenery.The tour to Macao was led by a tour guide, including all the members of the company and their families, more than 30 people.We enjoyed our stay in Macao for one day and one night, leaving unforgettable memories.

In order to let everyone as far as possible experience the local customs and customs of Macao, experience the charm of this rich city, a day trip to Macao itinerary is very compact.The first stop for the team is to visit the ruins of da SAN ba, known as the Oriental monte carlo, to appreciate macau's world cultural heritage, which is full of a strong religious atmosphere.The houses in front of the senting have a strong architectural color and a strong taste of a European town.The church of our lady of the rose has a history of 400 years. The panzi church worships our lady of the virgin of the flower di ma. It is a god worshipped by Portugal.

This second stop - zhuhai.Zhuhai is an important city in the southern part of the pearl river delta and one of the five special economic zones in China. Zhuhai is the "city of happiness" newly promulgated by the state, with fresh air, vast sea area and beautiful environment. It has the title of "city of romance".

Located in zhuhai hengqin international circus city, which is adjacent to the ocean kingdom of changlong in the east and connected with hengqin bay hotel in the west, it is a world-class international circus venue specially designed to host China international circus festival.As one of the core buildings of changlong international ocean resort, circus city has become a major scenic spot for tourists to stop and have fun. It truly combines entertainment with tourism and leisure culture, allowing tourists to enjoy themselves in the ocean kingdom.


On October 28, my trip to zhuhai, macau, which lasted for two days and one night, ended successfully. Thanks to the general manager of Vicam for his meticulous arrangement and all the staff for keeping their original intention and forging ahead.

May our cause be as colorful as a flower;
May our company be as strong as a rock;
May our employees as close as brothers and sisters;
May our friends be as green as the pine;
May our life be as sweet as honey.


                                                                                                                                                                                                         -- business department editor

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