On October 11, 2017, the Hong Kong global resources exhibition was held at the asiaworld-expo in Hong Kong. The smart pavilion of Shenzhen Vicam Mechatronics Co., Ltd. was unveiled. The "smart" manufacturing force from the forefront of innovation of Vicam  was perfectly presented, and was highly praised and recognized by people at home and abroad.

"Global resources Hong Kong electronics fair" is the largest electronics fair in Hong Kong, aiming to build the most influential electronic industry exchange platform.


On this international stage, hundreds of enterprises are striving for the best and the most magnificent. As a service provider of intelligent visual inspection system, Vicam  plays the role of weightlifting and becomes a shining star in the industrial electronic exhibition area.In addition to letting the world see the creativity and technical strength of our products, the exhibition also shows our brand power and strategic vision of focusing on visual inspection system management over the years.


At the exhibition, the Vicam  booth was crowded with visitors, attracting many visitors to stop and stay. The staff would provide attentive service, including introduction, demonstration and explanation of product categories and technologies, and thoughtful service, whether it was the partners attracted by the name or the curious guests.

This trip to Hong Kong has been fruitful and our r & d contributions in the industry have been widely recognized, which is the source of our efforts.In the future, there is still a long way to go. We will continue to keep improving on the research and development road. We will create more brilliant miracles tomorrow, and give back to the customers who recognize and trust us.

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